Liverpool tipped to sign a five-year new deal with Van Dijk

Liverpool tipped to sign a five-year new deal with Van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk is widely considered the best defender in the world, who revolutionised the Liverpool defence and has taken the team to the elite level that they have maintained throughout the past two years.

And now the Reds have been urged to sign van Dijk to a massive long-term contract, despite him turning 29 this summer and his current deal not expiring until 2023.

“I would give him a five-year deal right now – with the option of a further two,” former goalkeeper Paul Robinson told Football Insider. “Van Dijk is extremely fit and strong. Look at Ronaldo – the age he is playing onto and the level he is playing at. He is 28, I would have no hesitation giving him a contract until he is 35.”

“The impact he has had on the team and the players around him, even if he gets to 35 and is not playing regularly, to have somebody like that around the dressing room… You compare it to Vincent Kompany. You look at Manchester City and the impact he had even when he did not play – the difference of having a captain and a leader in the dressing room.

“I would tie him down for as long as possible.”

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