Fans will NOT be allowed to sing, shout or drink when they return to grounds

Fans will NOT be allowed to sing, shout or drink when they return to grounds

Fans may be ordered not to sing, shout or drink alcohol when they are allowed to return to Premier League matches under a new Covid Code of Conduct, Sportsmail has learned.

The Premier League have written to each club outlining new measures for when grounds reopen.

The document, sent to top-flight sides on Saturday, states: 'This may include singing, shouting and alcohol consumption.'

The code will be 'in plain and concise language' and supporters will be asked to sign up to it at the point of ticket purchase. Each club will be able to tailor the rules to their own requirements and there will be discussions over agreed sanctions for those who fail to comply.

Fans may be asked to stagger their arrival and exit times in an attempt to avoid bottlenecks, and grounds will feature signs reinforcing the importance of social distancing, hygiene requirements, and the Code of Conduct itself.

Each fan will be required to complete a health questionnaire and be expected to wear a face covering at all times.

They are also likely to be permitted to bring in their own hand sanitiser bottles of no more than 50ml.

Bespoke travel plans, which encourage fans to use safer methods of travel than public transport, are also expected.

Where possible, clubs have been told they should operate a digital entry system and only contactless payments inside the stadium.

The message also states there is a belief that the Premier League 'can deliver safe events' and says that such a point has been made to the Government.