'If you are comming to Real Madrid, you can stay at my house'; Invitation from Ramos To Messi

 Madrid: Messi is expected to leave Barcelona this season. The answer to the question of where to go from Barcelona is not yet clear. Meanwhile, an unexpected invitation arrives in search of Messi.

Messi is invited by Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos. Ramos tells Messi he can stay at his home if he comes to Real. Ramos' words were while attending a chat show.

He can stay with me while I get to the Royal and look after the house. I can tell him everything about Real. "If he joins us, we will not have to face Messi from time to time," Ramos said.

However, the future of Ramos at Real Madrid is not yet clear. The club have not yet decided whether to extend Ramos' contract. Coach Zinedine Zidane also made this clear.